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It is our goal to bring unique and compelling investment opportunities to investors that have the financial means, knowledge or experience, to make these types of investments.
We endeavor to anticipate future industries, markets and global trends, that can lead to the kind of investment that could make a difference in the lives of these types of investors.

These investments take many forms including IPO’s, Pre-IPO-Special Vehicles (SPV), Private Placements, Real Estate Investment Trusts, 1031 Tax Exchange Funds and Special Purpose Acquistion Company (SPAC) opportunities.

“Unique Opportunities for Sophisticated Investors”

∼ Damon D. Testaverde

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Network 1 Introduction


We work to understand your investment expectations, develop your risk profile and assess your experience with stock market tools. This is what we call your investment philosophy. 

Based on our understanding of your philosophy, we create a personalized investment strategy designed to meet your goals. Once the strategy is implemented, we are here when you need us. We won’t hesitate to make the tough recommendations when necessary to provide you with informed opinions on which you can act.


Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. is an independent, full-service securities firm. We are positioned to move swiftly in response to changing investment climates and ensure close contact with our clients when the situation requires. Using state-of-the-art computer technology, we provide important links to the markets for fast and efficient execution on orders and for access to company news and developing trends.


Confidentiality and safety are essential values to our client relationships. We hold your account in strictest confidence and your Network 1 Financial investment securities executive carefully carries out your instructions.

Network 1 Financial Securities is built on the cornerstone of personalized service. Your investment executive is accessible through our toll-free number to discuss investment ideas, provide quotes and execute your orders.

It is through effective and constant contact with our clients that we are able to understand their financial objectives and work together to achieve a client’s goal.