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Network 1 Investments

Network1 Investments

One of the most important decisions your company can make when deciding to enter the public market is choosing the right investment banker. 

Network1 Financial Securities is a full-service broker/dealer established in 1983 that has been doing public offerings for more than 30 years. And let me tell you, this is an area where experience counts. We currently have 25 qualified investment bankers that are experts in many different industries and even have foreign companies go public here in the U.S. 

Why Companies Choose Network1

But let me tell you why Network1, our clients are high net worth sophisticated investors here in the U.S. and abroad. It is extremely important that a new company has a strong retail shareholder base when they begin their public life.

Also, we have relationships with many institutions and we will introduce you to the ones that follow your industry. We also have a network of other broker/dealers that we have been working with for years and we will introduce your company to them. They often join us as selling group members and sometimes as joint Underwriters. One of our strengths is our market-making desk for companies with NASDAQ listings we will make a market in your securities and introduce you to the other market makers.

Committed to a Long-Standing Relationship

But in my opinion, the main reason to consider Network1, is because we are not a transaction-oriented investment banker. We are committed to a long-standing relationship with our banking clients and we are here to help you with your future capital needs, to help you realize your corporate objectives and goals. A long-term banking relationship.

It is our goal to introduce to the U.S. market companies that have new technologies. That make a difference to its shareholders, management, and the world economy in general.

If you’re looking for that type of banking relationship, contact me or one of our bankers. Network1 Financial Securities, Investment Banking that makes a difference.