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CNTV Interviews Network 1

CNTV Interviews Network1

As an investor, I think, you don’t bet on a country, you bet on the industries in that country, and the people in those industries. If you look at the emphasis that China has put on, education, the emphasis they’ve put on new technologies, the emphasis they’re putting on the environment, and cleaning up the air, there are so many opportunities.

Thoughts About the Future

Capital goes where they think the opportunity is tomorrow and the past is irrelevant. It’s what’s going to happen tomorrow. If you look at China or where it could be tomorrow, I mean it’s still going to be a place where investors will come in. 

Well, I think that you’re going to find as the years come, the next years unfold, that there’s going to be a lot of opportunities in China to invest in new companies, companies with new technology. Not just making the products, discovering the products.

By the way, all new jobs are created that way, and all new industries are created that way, so I think, if I would look to do what I think the Chinese government is looking to do is what’s going to happen in the future, not what happened in the past. Not import/export, not manufacturing. But new technologies.